Why you should be using a French press?

The process of brewing under this scenario with your French press is simple:Measure out the amount of ground coffee and filtered water you will be using. …Add the coffee grounds to the French press carafe and pour in your hot water (around 202 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature for brewing coffee). …After half a minute give it a stir to break up the crust that floats to the top.More items…

How to get the best out of your French press?

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How to use a French press the right way?

RecapBoil water and fill French press to preheat (along with plunger).Grind your coffee – using 1:12 coffee-to-water ratio to start out if you’re unsure.Pour water away from French press, and boil more water. …While waiting, add ground coffee to French press.Pour hot water in a circular motion, twice the amount of the ground coffee, and gently stir.More items…

What kind of French press is best?

tempered glass doesn’t interfere with brewing and looks beautiful, but it breaks easilyplastic, some people claim, isn’t as good for brewing coffee, but it doesn’t break easilystainless steel doesn’t interfere with brewing and doesn’t break, but it’s opaque so you can’t see the brewed coffee