Why is my electric kettle leaking water?

Looking in from the top, its obvious that the leak is due to the gromet/frame around the ‘window’ coming away from the metal ‘wall’ of the kettle. I’m pretty sure that I can take it apart and get access to the faulty parts and that I could fix the problem with a suitable glue.

What causes a kettle to break?

Why is the button on my kettle not working?

If the button of the kettle does not work, then this could mean a breakdown of the thermostat or resistor (5w12kj), which is responsible for the operation of the heating circuits.

What happens when the electric kettle stops heating?

When the electric kettle stops heating, it is necessary to release it from the water, then turn it over, having previously disconnected from electricity and turn on the switch on the stand, which is represented by a button.

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