Why is matcha way better than coffee?

Pros and consPros of matcha. Promotes relaxation. As mentioned, by increasing alpha waves in your brain, L-theanine relaxes the mind without causing feelings of drowsiness ( 49, 50 ).Cons of matcha. More expensive. …Pros of coffee. Less expensive. …Cons of coffee. May create dependence. …

Is matcha healthier than coffee?

While both of these drinks are caffeinated, they also have different effects. Coffee has more caffeine than matcha, but matcha offers more health benefits. The caffeine in matcha is also absorbed more slowly into the body, making for a smoother effect and experience while drinking it.

Is matcha really better than green tea?

Matcha, made from ground green tea leaves, is significantly more potent than regular steeped green tea. So, should you be drinking it everyday?

How much caffeine is there in a serving of matcha?

The caffeine content in matcha will vary depending on how it is brewed, but generally speaking one can expect approximately 30mg to 60mg of caffeine per cup (small serving) of boiled matcha. This is comparable to the amount found in coffee, which has about 45-150 mg per 8 ounces.