Why does the crema on my espresso go away?

If the crema on your espresso goes away (also known as drops) after less than a minute, it is usually because you are using a roast that is too light and not an espresso roasted coffee. Another reason for this phenomena is that your extraction is too fast.

What is Crema in espresso?

Why is my Crema too high in coffee?

Crema is basically carbon dioxide fizzing up the coffee oils. By the description you’re giving, it is likely to be too much. Your beans could be too oily and/or too fresh. It could be a combination of the type of beans / blend / or the way it’s roasted. Just as a guide, it is best for the beans to rest for around about a week after it’s roasted.

How does the freshness of espresso beans affect the crema production?

The freshness of espresso beans impacts the overall product’s crema production, because immediately after the espresso beans have been roasted they begin to emit CO2. While some CO2 is certainly recommended for the emulsification of the beans’ oils, it is also important to pull the espresso shot while some CO2 has yet to be emitted.

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