Why does my poop smell like what I just ate?

With a blockage, you’re likely to experience the following in addition to bad breath:bloatingvomitingcrampingnauseaconstipation

Why do some people always smell like poop?

Why does my poop smell like burnt rubber?

“Sometimes if the stool smells very tar-y or very foul smelling, that could be a sign of an infection or it could be a sign of some gastrointestinal bleeding going on,” Dr. Islam says. “There are certain diarrhea conditions that have a particular smell to them as well.

Why does my pee smell like coffee?

Why does my urine smell like coffee?Causes. If someone drinks a lot of coffee, their urine may contain enough chemical compounds to make it smell like coffee.Urine odor and pregnancy. A woman’s urine can smell different during pregnancy, and this is often caused by urinary tract infections (UTIs).Treatment. …Outlook. …

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