Why does my green tea taste bad?

Here are five reasons why your green tea tastes bad, and how to fix it. 1. You’re using the wrong water temperature Green tea has chlorophyl in it. That’s what makes it green. And, chlorophyl is bitter. The hotter the water, the more chlorophyl you get in your tea. So if you want green tea that’s not bitter, you must brew it a lower temperature.

Do teabags make tea taste bad?

Does pH affect the taste of your tea?

If you like the taste of your water though, then it might not be the culprit. Also, if you just think your tea tastes bad because it is bitter, then it’s not so much about the pH levels in your water as it is about the temperature of your water.

Why does my tea taste bitter when I boil it?

The problem with the water temperature is that water that’s too how will scald the tea, making it bitter. It will also pretty much ‘burn’ much of the flavor away. Using water that’s too cool will underextract the tea, making it much too watery and bland, even not release some flavors at all.

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