Why does brown sugar smell so bad?

IngredientsOne and a half cup of all purpose flourOne half teaspoon of baking sodaOne half teaspoon of saltOne stick of unsalted butterA cup of brown sugarOne eggOne teaspoon of vanilla extractHalf cup of blanched almonds

Why is brown sugar better then white sugar?

Brown sugar is generally healthier than white sugar due to the molasses it contains, but it is still somewhat low in overall nutrients. [1] [2] This molasses-infused sugar has a soft consistency, and often feels wet to the tough, but it doesn’t ever really go bad. Some of the flavors will begin to fade after 2-3 years, but it will still be …

How bad is brown sugar for your health?

This can lead to a variety of health problems, such as:Heart attacksStrokesCancerHigh cholesterolHigh blood sugar

Why does brown sugar taste so good?

The genetic blueprints of the human body include the ability to detect sugar.This ability is hardwired and begins in the taste buds of the tongue.These clusters of cells sit just under the tongue’s surface and are exposed to the mouth via tiny openings called taste pores.More items…