Why do you have to tamp espresso maker?

Why Tamping Is Necessary. There needs to be a small amount of space between the espresso maker’s filter and where the water comes out of the machine, which is part of why tamping is necessary. If you don’t tamp your coffee grounds, there won’t be enough space for the water to optimally saturate the coffee.

Should espresso grounds be tamped or loose?

What happens when you over-tamp espresso?

Over tamping, espresso can end up in over-extraction. You will be pulling coffee that has been over-extracted and thus, it will have a bitter taste and less of the good flavors you should expect to find in espresso.

What makes an espresso an espresso?

Pressure is what makes an espresso an espresso. I don’t mean the kind of pressure that caused you to start smoking in high school: I mean a combination of the pressurized water coming out of the espresso machine, as well as the resistance caused by the perfectly packed cake of coffee grounds the water has to push through in order to brew.

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