Why do I put collagen in my Coffee?

While there are many types of collagen, 80–90% of the type found in your body is made up of ( 1 ):Type I: skin, tendons, ligaments, bone, dentin, and interstitial tissuesType II: cartilage throughout your body, vitreous humor of the eyeType III: skin, muscles, and blood vessels

Should you add collagen to your coffee?

What is the best food for collagen?

Below, experts discuss the best food for hair growth by breaking down the essential … Vitamin C: Here’s a fun fact: Vitamin C stimulates collagen, which is the main component of keratin, the type of protein that makes up your hair.

Can I put collagen powder in coffee?

You can mix collagen in a:blendershaker bottlemug/cup + spoonmug/cup + frother (hello collagen lattes!)broth/soup/hot waterdough (breads, treats)and more!

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