Why do coffee beans go bad so quickly?

Once air gets to the surface of the beans, it begins eating away their flavorful compounds, negatively affecting the concentration of aromatic oils. The longer the beans are exposed to air, the faster they turn stale. That’s why proper storing is crucial if you want to take pleasure in your morning brew.

Why do coffee beans expire?

How do you know when coffee beans are Rancid?

When you open a rancid bag, the acrid, unpleasant scent will be the first to hit you. If your beans have an aroma that turns your face sour, it is time for that bag to meet the trash can. But, even if your coffee doesn’t necessarily smell unpleasant, you can still sense if it is stale.

How can you tell if coffee has gone bad?

How To Tell If Your Coffee Has Gone Bad 1 Packaging. When you buy coffee from the store check the packaging. … 2 Appearance. Fresh beans should look shiny and glossy due to the oils on the surface. … 3 Smell. The aroma of your coffee should be intense and fill your nostrils as soon as you open the bag. … 4 Taste. … 5 Test. …

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