Why did my Starbucks coffee taste like crap?

Why does Starbucks coffee taste different? The most likely reason for the bitter/burnt taste is that Starbucks roasts their beans at a higher temperature then most roasters in order to produce large quantities of beans in a short time. … Another thing that affects the taste of a drink is the “love” that is put into making it.

Why does coffee smell so good, but taste so bad?

Why our coffee tastes so good?

Having the whole process done for you – you don’t get to see the nitty gritty detailsEquipment – restaurants will have better gear than you have at homeSkills – maybe the skills of the barista, chef, barman are better than yours or whoever is doing the work for you at home

Why does coffee sometimes smell like cigarette?

The aroma is related to taste. For example if an arabica coffee has a cinammon aroma it also has a cinnamon flavour. Then if a coffee smells like cigarette, it means that it also tastes like cigarette. Therefore, that is an indicator of a low quality coffee (low price coffee).

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