Why are espresso tampers so expensive?

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Why is a tamper so important in making espresso?

How to choose an espresso tamper?

Espresso Tamper arrives in a wide variety of sizes, from 48mm to 58.4mm. The 58.4mm fits in a commercial-sized basket and is one of the most common sizes. A large-size filter basket requires a larger tamper diameter around 58.4mm. On the other hand, small portafilters need a smaller espresso tamper.

What is the best affordable espresso machine?

WorstBest cheap espresso machine: De’Longhi Dedica 5-Bar Pump Espresso Machine De’Longhi Dedica 5-Bar Pump Espresso Machine Power Espresso 20. …Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino MakerCuisinart EM-25 Defined, Cappuccino & Latte Espresso Machine

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