Where does the coffee sock come from?

Many countries claim to be the origin of the Coffee Sock. Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia….but Costa Rica seems to be the place where it is most widely used. Coffee Sock the Costa Rican Way – Sock and Stand. It is said this is the most common way for making a great brew in Costa Rica.

What is a Costa Rica coffee sock?

How long do coffee socks last?

If you take good care of your Coffee Sock it could last years! The estimated life span of a frequently used Coffee Sock is 6-12 months. If the Coffee Sock is not allowed to dry it may become mouldy and this is the end for that Coffee Sock (however this can be avoided!

How do I clean my coffee sock?

Cleaning your Coffee Sock is easy. Firstly dispose of the used coffee and then rinse it under the tap until all used coffee is removed. Now hang the Coffee Sock somewhere to allow it to dry out. Simple. We strongly recommended against the use of any cleaning agents/chemicals being used to clean your Coffee Sock.

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