Where does Keemun tea come from?

This entire keemun-tea-producing region is situated between the famous Yangtze River and the Yellow Mountain range. The types of cultivars that are used for making keemun tea are the same that was used for the production of Huangshan Maofeng. The Huanshan Maofeng variant of tea is quite old while the keemun variant is comparatively very new.

What is Keemun tea good for?

What is Keemun (Keemun)?

Keemun is said to have floral aromas and wooden notes. Original Keemun is produced exclusively in the Qimen County in the south of Anhui province. It is grown in Guichi, Shitai, Dongzhi, and Yixian.

What is Keemun Maofeng tea made of?

Keemun Maofeng tea is a premium variety of Keemun and one of the most famous Chinese teas. It is harvested in early spring and made of only the purest unbroken leaves. Where to buy the best Keemun tea online?

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