Where did Coffee come from originally?

Originally the coffee plant grew naturally in Ethopia, where the coffee bean would be wrapped in animal fat by the locals and used as sustenance on long hunting and raiding expeditions over a thousand years ago. It was the Arabians that took the plant away, farmed it heavily, and began the first coffee monopoly.

Where in the world is the best coffee?

Kona is one of the biggest districts in Hawaii and known for one of, if not the, best tasting coffee in the world. Kona coffee is a premium arabica coffee bean variety. It grows on the highlands of Hualalai and Mauna Loa and is one of the best global coffees. Because of the Pacific micro-climate Kona Coffee Beans are deliciously great.

Where does the US get its coffee from?

The United States is not one of the world’s major coffee producers. In fact, coffee can only be commercially grown in two states: Hawaii and California. However, Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the US, has a thriving coffee industry. Experimental coffee growing projects are also occurring in Georgia and Santa Barbara, California.

Where can you get the best coffee?

Buying in bulk is good for many things, but not coffee beans. …Coffee beans need to “rest” for a few days after being roasted. …If your coffee beans come in a paper bag, transfer them to an airtight jar made of ceramic or another opaque material.Store your coffee in a cool, dry pantry. …Coffee beans that look excessively oily were likely over-roasted. …More items…