What’s the best way to brew a cup of coffee?

There are many methods to brew a cup of coffee, so you’re not stuck with a traditional drip coffee maker. You might try, for instance, a pour-over style or a French press.

Is your grind setting under extracting your coffee?

How long should I Leave my Coffee Pot on when brewing?

If you want to truly enjoy your coffee, brew a fresh pot or cup. It’s best to leave a pot on the warming plate for no more than an hour. If you don’t want to waste it, place it in the refrigerator and enjoy an iced coffee later in the day. Continue to 9 of 10 below.

Why take coffee cupping courses?

Tim Wendelboe evaluates aroma during a coffee cupping. Credit: Benjamin A. Ward Taking these courses both helps you to taste your roasted coffee better, and to have a vocabulary for what you’re describing. This vocabulary will be a universally understood one that industry leaders and teachers use to discuss coffee, explain defects, and more.

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