What you should know about coffee flour?

NUTRITION – Benefits of Coffee FlourGluten-Free – Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you are gluten intolerant as coffee flour is completely gluten-free.High in Fiber – Most grain flours boast of fiber content in the ranges of 5 – 12%. …Less Fat – Coffee flour contains at least up to 80% less fat than even coconut flour; that is absolutely incredible!More items…

What do you do with coffee flour?

What, exactly, is coffee flour?

Coffee flour is the dried and powdered pulp of this fruit. It is a refreshing and versatile option to consider for various purposes, but especially baking.Moreover, it is also touted to be a healthier alternative to regular flour which might tick some boxes for the health-conscious or the experimental crowd.

Which flour is a better flour?

New Delhi [India], February 1 (ANI/NewsVoir): Pure Flour From Europe: The wonderful world of flour: good flour is the basis of good dough (both sweet and savoury). What is flour exactly …

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