What things do you put in chai tea?

Cinnamon stick – For sweetness and warmth.Fennel seed – Offers a gentle anise or licorice note.Fresh ginger – Flavors the whole pot of tea with a fresher spice note.Black peppercorns – Gives the chai a spicy bite, which I love.

Why is chai tea so popular?

What to Look for in ChaiBlend. The best blend of chai is highly subjective. …Balance. Cookbook author Tara O’Brady sums it up: “Masala chai must be balanced.” And, this is where the fun begins with your search.Variety. When it comes to chai, you have some options. …

Does chai tea taste like coffee?

It has no coffee in it, it’s a chai concentrate. the chai latte just tastes like chai! it would only taste like coffee if you ordered a dirty chai, which has espresso in it. it’s very sweet, but in my opinion it tastes pretty similar to other coffee chain chai 🙂

Are Chai and tea the same thing?

So- yes, in essence, they are the same- its just how the tea is treated when its being brewed/served. On literal terms, yes. Chai means tea in India. Since most people in India drink tea boiled with milk and sugar, it basically means “Milk Tea” now.