What spice can you use in place of turmeric?

Turmeric Substitutes for General CookingDried or Fresh Turmeric. Dried (ground turmeric or turmeric powder) and fresh turmeric can be substituted for each other. …Turmeric Paste. Turmeric paste is an easy alternative to turmeric powder or fresh turmeric but is proven to be difficult to find in regular grocery stores.Saffron. …Safflower. …Paprika. …Annatto Seeds. …Madras Curry Powder. …More items…

What can I use as a substitute for turmeric?

What foods can you use turmeric in?

How to Use Turmeric in CookingTurmeric is consumed daily under the name E100, as a food colorant which is added to cheese, butter, milk shakes and mustard.Turmeric is one of the ingredients of curry powder, giving it its characteristic yellow color. …You can also use turmeric with veggies. …Soups are also a good way to use turmeric when cooking. …More items…

Can you put vanilla extract in your coffee?

Yes, you can put vanilla extract into your coffee. It is, in fact, an excellent substitute for processed coffee creamers and sweeteners. A few drops of vanilla, added to your coffee brew, will help uplift your mood. It has also been associated with improving brain function, relieving digestive issues, reducing joint pain and stress.

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