What makes Costa Rican coffee so good?

Lots of flavorHand-picked peaberry beansSingle-originConsistent medium roastRoasted and shipped on demand

What is the best coffee in Costa Rica?

Where can I buy Costa Rican coffee?

The major EXPORT brands that most people seem to go for are Café Britt, Café Rey, Dota and maybe Naranjo. Of course there are others as well. Café Doka Estates also has a fine coffee which you can buy if you visit their farm but they market almost exclusively as a private label to Starbucks.

How much coffee does Costa Rica produce?

Costa Rica is the 13th-largest producer of coffee in the world, churning out around 1.5 million bags every year. 90 percent of the coffee is exported, with the revenue accounting for around 11 percent of Costa Rica’s export earnings. Small farmers play a large role in this production—nearly 90 percent of all producers cultivate less than 12 …

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