What makes Colombian coffee so special?

The richness of flavour for which Colombian coffee is celebrated is mainly down to an excellent climate, perfect soil and the exact right amount of rainfall. Coffee thrives in places with at least 200 centimetres (80 inches) of rainfall per year, as well as in locations where the temperature never falls below freezing.

What is single-origin Colombian coffee?

Is Columbian coffee a Protected Designation of origin?

In September 2007, the EU recognized its quality, thorough inspections, and distinctive taste by recognizing Columbian Coffee or Columbian Coffee* as a ‘Protected Designation of Origin’. What Columbian coffee have you tried?

Is Colombian coffee dark roast or light roast?

Is Colombian coffee dark roast? Colombian coffee can be any roast you like: be it light, medium, dark, French or Italian roast. Often times, coffee is roasted darkly to mask poor quality beans which results in bitterness. For a real experience of Colombian coffee, go for a light or medium roast.

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