What makes Boba so good?

“Boba should be smooth and slightly soft on the outside, chewy all the way through to the center with an increasing but very slight gradient of firmness, and should withstand at least one to two chews before structurally collapsing, i.e. it should be supple yet resilient.”

How to make perfectly chewy Boba?

Heat two parts of water to one part of sugar in a pot on the stove.Stir it until the sugar is melted and becomes thick, heavy syrup.Add the boba balls to the mixture.Mix the pearls in the hot syrup until they become softer.Put them back in your milk tea and drink up!

How did Boba guys become so popular?

Cool outfit (looks like a robot ninja)Can flyOperates outside the law and ‘the force’Is a bounty hunter, which is one of the coolest professionsHe is silent (doesn’t say anything stupid)He is a clone, which is kind of awesome

How bad is Boba for You?

The main negative health problems of boba can be: Obesity risk Diabetes Possible issues with decreased fertility and growth development because of a chemical known as DEHP (1). Skin problems Controversy around cancer-causing chemicals. Let’s dive deeper into the negative health impacts of milk teas.