What makes artisan coffee artisan?

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we source and hand roast artisan coffee. But what makes a coffee artisan? Let’s take a look. The first and probably most important part of artisan coffee is sourcing coffee that is of an extremely high standard. The coffees we source are known as speciality coffee.

What is an artisanal coffee roaster?

What is the difference between artisanal and specialty coffee?

Artisanal coffee is made with high-quality beans at a small roastery, while specialty coffee comes from larger roasters that use a higher quantity of beans to create the same taste profile. Artisanal coffee generally takes more time and effort than regular commercially roasted coffees available in stores.

What is artisan roasting software?

Artisan is an open-source software that helps coffee roasters record, analyze, and control roast profiles. This software can automate the creation of roasting metrics to help make decisions that influence the final coffee flavor. There are also experimental builds for the Raspberry Pi platform.

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