What makes a great coffee bean?

Whole Bean CoffeeGreat flavor, low acidityHigh caffeine for alertness and productivityAvailable in whole bean, ground, and K-cup

What are some good coffee beans?

How are coffee beans graded?

They cannot have any primary defects.They must have fewer than three full defects.Less than 5 percent of the coffee beans can be either above or below a certain screen size.Specialty coffee beans have to have a distinct attribute in their aroma, acidity, or taste.All coffee beans have to be free from any cup faults or taints.

What can I do with bad coffee beans?

What to Do with Old Coffee BeansMake Chocolate Treats. Chocolate-covered espresso beans can be really expensive, but they are mouth-watering. …Use as Decorations. If you are naturally artistic, you can also try to create some decorations using stale coffee beans.Fertilize Flowers and Plants. …Compost It. …Conceal Under-Eye Circles. …Conceal Cellulite. …Use as a Body Scrub. …More items…

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