What makes a good coffee?

Things like acidity and taste vary by region, and Lindberg even offers up her recommendations for which coffees ― from Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica ― she thinks pair more deliciously than others. It’s all a matter of preference. But yeah, good water, a grinder and a scale seem to be pretty important, too.

What gives coffee its distinctive smell?

How does your coffee shop make your coffee taste great?

Your coffee shop makes their coffee taste great as they brew it the same every time. This coffee recipe has gone through a lot of work and refining, to find the way to brew that is perfect for their beans and equipment. Following this recipe is what makes it taste great. Consistency and work to find that perfect recipe, then sticking to it.

What affects the taste of your coffee?

The Steeping time –Most types of coffee have a steeping period where the grinds are soaked, this amount of time will affect the taste of your coffee even if it is a few seconds in one direction. Ratio –The ratio of your water to coffee is a big factor in how your eventual coffee tastes.

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