What Latte Flavors Does Starbucks Have

Lattes are considered some of the best, most appetizing, and luscious drinks available at Starbucks. The variety of latter flavors makes it difficult to decide which one to order.

Most of the lattes at Starbucks are available year-round, while some are only occasional and appear over the holidays or during the winter season.

One can order iced or hot lattes, with flavors exclusively sold hot or iced. I love iced drinks, especially in the summer, but I drink hot espresso all year and sometimes can’t decide which one to order.

My favorite seasonal latte is the Pumpkin Spice, which is available for a limited time, so I see it as my duty to order one before it disappears from the menu. The other latter flavors do not appear on their menu, but it is so easy to order the Cookie Butter.

I am here to help you choose the best latte flavors offered by Starbucks, which include seasonal and classic options. Also, I will show you the wide selection of toppings that can be added to your meal. So, what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and continue reading.

The Top 5 Starbucks Latte Flavors

On Starbucks’ official menu, you will only have five latte flavors, though we will include mocha lattes. So, without further ado, here are some of the best latte flavors you can try.

Caffe Latte

The classic latte, or caffe latte, is one of Starbucks’ most popular flavors. It comes with steamed milk and two shots of espresso. If you order a latte, this is usually what you will get, even if you can customize it with many kinds of syrup or milk.

Pistachio Latte

A sweet pistachio sauce is combined with dark, rich espresso, resulting in a mouthwatering and refreshing pistachio latte. I love coffee and pistachios, so this beverage has been my favorite for many years now.

The best part, aside from the pistachio nuts, is, of course, the topping. They top this rick beverage with sweetened whipped cream and a topping that could be sold by the bowlful for you to eat with a spoon. The toppings include a salted brown butter cookie that adds to the richness of the flavor. This is one of my favorites as well. Oh, by the way, my husband loves this latte too. He always ordered one each time we passed by Starbucks. I highly recommend this drink, guys. You have to try it and experience it for yourself.

Caffe Mocha

Caffe Mocha mixes bittersweet mocha syrup with espresso for a drink mocha fanatics will love. Simple flavors make this drink a good treat that is simple and easy to make and customize. 

I love to choose my preferred syrup, which tastes good in mocha. Utilizing different syrups assists me in not getting fed up with buying the same thing every now and then. 

Luckily, the array of choices the company provides enables a lot of combinations in which boredom and fatigue are not possible. 

A Gingerbread Latte

The gingerbread flavor and warm spice in this beverage make this drink one of the best latte flavors offered by the company you can order from. The appearance of this drink always helps make the cold season a little bit toastier. 

This drink’s unique and distinctive flavors are provided by vanilla syrup, gingerbread syrup, and whipped cream. Ginger and nutmeg bring to mind Christmas and Thanksgiving treats. 

This beverage did not make the holiday menu in the year 2021, but you don’t need to worry. If it is not yet available, you can make one. Buy a cinnamon dolce in Grande with a single drop of chai tea concentrate and two pumps of white mocha syrup. 

Has the barista put in some shakes of nutmeg and viola? You are able to experience this latte anytime you want. 

Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

This latter flavor is served as the base for the Gingerbread Latte if it is not included on the menu. However, it is refreshing and delicious on its own.

Starbucks’ proprietary cinnamon dolce syrup and topping make this beverage set apart from the rest. The steamed milk and classic espresso of your choice will shine if the cinnamon dolce is combined, and sweet whipped cream makes the best finishing touch.

A Grande size has four pumps of cinnamon dolce cinnamon syrup. For a cinnamon and chocolate treat, request double pumps and double pumps of mocha syrup. If you want a latte with the taste of a cinnamon roll, substitute it with white mocha syrup.

Starbucks Reserve Hazelnut Bianco Latte is a latte with hazelnuts that is white in color.

Milk infused with praline and hazelnut flavor provides this nutty and sweet drink with an exceptional taste. The only ingredients in this beverage are espresso, light loam, and steamed milk, which allow the rich coffee flavor to emerge.

I love the reserved espresso as the base, as the rich, deep taste is less acidic and sharply opposed to the usual espresso from Starbucks. It has a well-rounded as well as more dimensional taste. This drink makes an ideal drink to order when you are planning to put in a custom syrup combination and flavors as well.

Latte Blonde Vanilla

However, if you want espresso and want to make it a light, mild roast, then Blonde Vanilla Latte is a perfect choice. Simple ingredients such as vanilla syrup and milk make this the best latte available at Starbucks.

They roast a combination of Latin American and East African beans to make a rich, as well as rounded, extra smooth flavor. This espresso has a bit of a sweet taste as well as a versatile taste that lends itself to cold and hot drinks. You can add more pumps of your chosen flavors to mix with vanilla and make an exceptional beverage.

Latte Caramel Brûlée

This latte flavor is considered one of the highest calorie lattes the company provides, with a Venti that is 500 calories. At the same time, the Grande has 410 calories and is yummy, so it is worth cutting back on anything else to enjoy the sporadic caramel treat.


This is a common misunderstanding.

These are just some of the popular latte flavors offered by Starbucks. You can try any of the flavors mentioned, and for sure, you will experience refreshing and yummy drinks like you’ve never experienced in the past.

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