What kind of tea do they have at Starbucks?

Earl Grey.Royal English Breakfast.Organic Chai.Emperor’s Cloud & Mist.Jade Citrus Mint.Mint Majesty.Peach Tranquility.RevUp (Wellness Tea)

Does Starbucks have peppermint tea?

There are currently four Teavana herbal teas offered in Starbucks stores. These are the only fully decaf hot tea options. Teavana Mint Majesty This has been an extremely popular option at my store. Mint Majesty is a blend of both spearmint and peppermint, which creates an interesting blend.

Is Starbucks and Teavana the same company?

What kind of tea do they have at Starbucks?

Which is healthier green tea or mint tea?

Some of these possible benefits include:Antiviral and antibacterial propertiesRelief from tension headachesRelief from muscular soreness and menstrual pain

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