What kind of liquor goes good with coffee?

If your guest has a sweet tooth, try making them an Irish coffee and add an extra sweet liqueur.If your guest prefers a bitter taste try mixing them with a traditional Espresso Martini.If your guest enjoys citrus and botanicals treat them to a Coffee Negroni.More items…

What is a good coffee liquor?

“My personal favorite coffee liqueur is Kahlúa,” says Kira Calder, the general manager at Lona Cocina & Tequileria in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.. One of the best-known coffee liqueurs on the market, Kahlúa was created in Veracruz, Mexico, from sugar cane rum, vanilla bean, and Arabica coffee beans.

What can I use instead of coffee liqueur?

What snacks go with martinis?Cheddar Olives.How To Make Perfect Shrimp Cocktail with Classic Cocktail Sauce.Salmon Rillettes.Quinoa and Black Bean Salad with Orange-Coriander Dressing.

How to make coffee liqueur with rum or Bourbon?

Steps to Make ItGather the ingredients.Pour the bourbon into an infusion jar, large mason jar or ​another wide-mouthed container with a tight seal.Add the coffee beans, seal the container and shake well.Place the jar in a cool dark place for about 24 hours.More items…