What kind of coffee do Nordic people make?

Nordic people generally make drip coffee when having coffee socially, brewed in a regular drip coffee maker, with the occasional espresso-based coffee if you are out and about. Espresso capsules are becoming more popular, but the machines can cost quite a bit so it’s nowhere near as popular as drip coffee.

What is the Nordic coffee craze?

Why is coffee so popular in Scandinavia?

That proves the rich coffee culture continues to dominate in Scandinavia. From the region’s high-level international barista competitions to the popularity of coffee bars, there’s something for everyone to enjoy as the world’s leading coffee drinkers. There’s a reason why they have mastered brewing the perfect cup of joe.

What is the history of coffee in Norway?

Coffee arrived in Norway in the early eighteenth century, where, just like Europe, it was a drink mostly enjoyed by the wealthy. This was despite Norway being a fairly poor nation at that time. Coffee still trickled down to the poorest parts of society, helped by an increase in trading that saw a sharp increase in people drinking coffee.

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