What is under extraction in coffee?

The concentration of coffee gradually goes down while the overall volume goes up, evening everything out. Under extraction is most commonly attributed to the coffee ground versus water ratio, but it can also be caused by the brewing method you choose.

Is it easy to under or over extract coffee?

What is the difference between under extracted coffee and balanced coffee?

A balanced extraction is rich with an array of flavors, pleasantly aromatic, crisp with a balanced acidity, and even has a hint of low-noted bitterness to round out the flavor profile. Under extracted coffee is the result of coffee that hasn’t yet reached that sweet spot of balance and flavor.

What does under extracted coffee taste like?

Under extracted coffee hasn’t had all the yummy flavors pulled from the grounds yet. Most of the sugars, oils, and balancing bitter notes were left in the grounds instead of being pulled into the water. This is what leads to that unpleasant sourness, but also to a lack of flavor. Under extracted coffees taste incomplete, unfinished.

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