What is the difference between city roast and full city roast?

, or very soon after, with no further development toward 2nd crack. City roast is said to originate with the style of roasting done in New York City, a lighter style. Full City was a darker level, but based on the standard set by the New York roasters.

What is city roast coffee?

How do I know if my roast is medium or full city?

You’ll also notice a bit more smoke coming from your roaster and sometimes you’ll see a nice big puff indicating the beginning of the 2nd crack. Full City Roast is what is most commonly referred to as “medium” roast, though Full City + edges into the dark side.

What are the pros and cons of city roasts?

The benefits of City roasts are that the origin flavor Under-developed refers to roast problems, usually too-light roasts. If a coffee is not roasted until the reactions responsible for the audible First Crack are completed, there will be astringent and un-sweet flavors (high trigonelline levels) More

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