What is the difference between an espresso macchiato and a cortado?

Macchiato is made with one or two shots of espresso (2 oz or 4 oz) and a dollop of frothed milk. It’s predominantly espresso, just a tad milder. Cortado is made with a shot of espresso and equal parts steamed milk. The larger amount of milk used affects the strength, taste, and color.

What is a macchiato?

Why does my macchiato taste like a cortado?

If the macchiato is made using more milk foam then it will give the macchiato a creamier and less strong taste that is more like a cortado. The way that the espresso is made will also have an impact on the taste of the macchiato.

Is a macchiato healthier than a latte?

As a macchiato is typically a smaller drink, less sugar is required to sweeten the drink, and less milk is added. For that reason, a macchiato is typically considered more healthy than, say, a latte or cappuccino. Conclusion

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