What is the babyccino drink trend?

Moms, dads, and babysitters are loving the Babyccino trend, an adorable, social-media-worthy drink trend first created by Aussies. Fret not, parents — while some versions of the Babyccino can pack a decent sugar punch, this kid-friendly cup is loaded with calcium and only comes in decaf.

What is in a babyccino?

What is a babyccino coffee?

Some coffee shops create an adorable little Babyccino topped with marshmallows, while others simply use a frother to create coffee-esque drinks for little ones. Still other shops use decaf espresso topped with milk, creating a babyccino that’s more similar to its grown-up counterpart than other versions. Concerned About Caffeine?

Is the babyccino suitable for kids?

Your kids will surely be impressed with this gorgeous homemade Babyccino! The babyccino (coffee free cappuccino for the kiddos) is a favourite with the little ones who want to be part of the coffee club and with parents who long for a few moments of peace while they enjoy their cup of java .

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