What is shade grown coffee?

As the name suggests, shade grown coffee are coffee plants grown in partial or full shade. Although this may sound like a novel concept, it is not the case at all. Coffee is a shade loving plant. In fact, there are many varieties of coffee plants that are sun-intolerant.

What makes shade grown coffee bird friendly?

What is the difference between sun-grown coffee and shade-grown coffee?

Shade-grown coffee farms utilize different types and heights of trees to create an environment that is ecologically diverse and responsible. On the other hand, sun-grown coffee removes the natural protective barrier of trees, which means a greater number of chemical pesticides end up being used to prevent pests and disease.

What is a shade-coffee farm?

A shade-coffee farm can imitate a native forest, which allows many different varieties of birds, plants, and insects to thrive in its lush growth. Surrounding shady fruit trees assist in creating a bird-friendly habitat—and the more birds that are able to thrive in a coffee forest, the better.

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