What is microground coffee made of?

This is basically a fine powdered form of ground coffee beans. It is actually a blend of Arabica coffee beans and soluble instant coffee (also made of arabica coffee beans), which gives this coffee a perfect combination of unique aroma and taste. In the next few sections, you will understand everything there is to know about microground coffee.

Why should you choose microground coffee over instant coffee?

What is essenso™ microground coffee?

The launch of ESSENSO™ MicroGround Coffee will see a revolutionary line of instant coffee that is the best in its class, delivering a platinum standard in instant coffee.

Is ground coffee the same as coffee?

It is almost similar to ground coffee but is so finely grounded that it dissolves in the water completely leaving the particles of ground in after the coffee is gone. This coffee is quite common and popular after freeze dried instant coffee.

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