What is fermented coffee or cultured coffee?

Instead, fermented coffee, also known as cultured coffee, refers to coffee that has been fermented not right after the harvest, when it’s still in cherry form, but after it’s been pulped and the husk has been removed, prior to the roast (green coffee).

Is fermented coffee good for You?

What happens when coffee is not fermented properly?

Take note, though, when coffee is poorly fermented, it can result in a moldy flavor, which ruins the flavors. This is why it’s crucial to monitor the process and adequately understand how fermentation works.

Why are green coffee beans used for fermenting?

So, green coffee beans are used. By fermenting coffee at this stage, lots of new aromas and flavors develop which can be enjoyed after it has been roasted, ground, and brewed. Some will argue that this makes it the best coffee, far superior to regular coffee. Whilst others suggest these changes are “faults” and undesirable.

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