What is ethical coffee and why does it matter?

Why ethical coffee matters. Basically, when you see this phrase or label on packages of amazingly-smelling coffee beans or pre-ground varieties, you know immediately that you’re purchasing a product that was produced in such a way that maintained respect for the person growing it as well as the environment in which it grew.

What is the least ethical type of coffee?

Where does Coffee come from?

Most coffee is produced by smallholders who employ some workers – the latter tend to be the worst paid. This is partly because their employers are poor themselves, and also because it is hard to police what happens on thousands of tiny farms…

Does quality guarantee ethics in specialty grade coffee?

Consumers of specialty grade coffee will not find a logo on the packaging of their favourite coffee to explain what has been done to guarantee it has been procured ethically. There is therefore an element of trust that is required and unfortunately, quality does not always guarantee ethics.

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