What is espresso con panna and what does it taste like?

So, what is espresso con panna? Espresso con panna (pronounced: kon PAAN-nah) is essentially a dollop of whipped cream placed on a shot of espresso. Unsurprisingly, it’s an Italian term that roughly translates to “espresso with cream.”

What is a caffè con panna?

What is a Doppio espresso con panna?

A doppio Espresso con Panna is when it’s made with a double shot of espresso and a solo would be when it’s made with a single shot. As long as there is no sour cream insight this is actually a really tasty drink, it’s creamy, it’s not too big, it doesn’t leave you with bloat, and gives you a big boost of caffeine.

What is the best cream to use for espresso con panna?

For the most traditional Espresso con Panna you can make, use a heavy cream but we won’t blame if you for using a low-fat version. Tried this recipe? Let us know how it was! The Espresso con Panna depends on a high quality, straight up great espresso. We would suggest you use a silver espresso roast with its smooth aftertaste and low acidity.

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