What is Dalgona matcha and how is it made?

Instead of coffee, dalgona matcha uses matcha or green tea powder. How is it made? Dalgona matcha is made by whipping either egg whites or cream with matcha powder and sugar until thick and fluffy. The fluffy matcha is then scooped onto iced (or hot) milk.

What is Dalgona and what does it taste like?

How do you make a matcha egg salad?

Whip the eggs on high until they start to turn frothy. When the eggs are frothy, slowly stream in the simple syrup while beating on high. Whip until the eggs start to turn white and form soft peaks. Sift the matcha powder on the eggs then continue to whip on high until smooth and creamy.

How do you make matcha whipped cream?

Place the cream, sugar, and matcha in a bowl (either a regular bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer). Whip on high until the cream forms soft peaks. Be careful not to over whip or you’ll get whipped cream instead of soft dalgona matcha cream. Fill two glasses with ice and pour in your milk of choice.

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