What is CTC tea and how is it made?

Generally, they are consumed by the local populations in India, where they are prepared a traditional way (boiled in a combination of milk, water, and sugar) since they are considered lower quality tea. However, if the tea at the start of the process is good quality, the CTC tea at the end of the process will be good quality.

What are the advantages of CTC tea?

Where can I find CTC black tea?

You’ll find CTC black tea mostly in teabags, but not only. It’s easier to put into teabags than orthodox tea because it comes out in perfect pellets, and it brews very fast and uniformly. This way you don’t get unevenly steeped tea, and the customer is happy. But, you can also find it in loose leaf form.

What is CTC exactly?

But, since CTC is cost-effective and produces consistent results, it’s become a very common practice. So, what is CTC exactly ? It stands for Crush, Tear, Curl, and it’s describing the way the tea leaves are treated.

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