What is Crema in coffee?

Despite the name, crema is not a cream, but a foam on coffee. Crema is a froth on top of espresso and it’s created by CO2 bubbles. During brewing the coffee grounds under pressure, water becomes saturated with CO2 from the coffee.

What is espresso crema made of?

What is Crema and how is it formed?

Crema is formed during espresso extraction. In James Hoffmann’s book, ‘The World Atlas of Coffee’, he explains that when water is under pressure, it dissolves more carbon dioxide, which is a gas in the coffee beans that was created during roasting.

What is Crema in a cappuccino?

Crema is not milk or cream, it is carbonated CO2 bubbles. Just because a Cappuccino with it frothy milk will have a similar texture does not mean it is crema. Found on non-espresso coffee.

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