What is cortadito coffee and how is it made?

Cortadito coffee has originated in Cuba. It was brought to Miami by Cuban-Americans and that’s how its popularity increased in America. C ortado means to cut so a cortadito is basically milk “cutting” the espresso. This Cuban coffee is essentially sweetened espresso mixed with steamed milk. How to Make a Cortadito Coffee?

What does cortado coffee taste like?

How do you make the perfect Cortado?

If you want to make the perfect cortado, start with the right coffee. With an intense espresso shot as a base, you want it to be perfect. I know we coffee lovers gravitate towards high altitude Arabica, but if you’re “cutting it” with milk, because that’s what cortado means in Spanish, you want bold flavors.

What is a cortado coffee shot?

The best thing about cortado is that it’s a great entry-level coffee shot. Creamy, but intense, flavorful, but mild; it has it all. If you’re an experienced coffee drinker, you’ll find in cortados a way to sit back and relax, without over-thinking it, it’s the Spanish way; it’s all about the pleasure.

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