What is Colombian coffee like?

Good quality, specialty Colombian coffee exhibits flavours such as chocolate, caramel and nuts. This is much like you see from Brazilian coffees, but there’s more acidity.

Is Colombian coffee dark roast or light roast?

What does Indonesian coffee taste like?

Again we see the result of variety, processing, and climate in the coffees from Indonesia, which tend to have a deep, dark, almost meaty earthiness to them. Sumatran coffees in particular take to dark roasting well, and so there are often smoky and toasted flavors present in the cup.

What does Ethiopian coffee taste like?

Naturally processed Ethiopian coffees often have a syrupy body that accompanies a densely sweet berry flavor, typically blueberry or strawberry. Washed coffees often express jasmine or lemongrass characteristics, and are lighter and drier on the palate.

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