What is coffee body?

What is Coffee “Body”? The term body describes the physical properties – heaviness, or mouthfeel – of the coffee as it settles on your tongue; the feel of the coffee coating the tongue, and whether it is oily, grainy, watery, or possesses some other characteristic.

Why is my coffee light in body?

How do we create body from coffee grounds?

We create body when we extract flavor and aroma compounds from coffee grounds into water. Extraction creates soluble and insoluble compounds. The solubles are the substances that dilute in the water. The insolubles, on the other hand, are solids and oils that remain suspended in the liquid instead of dissolving.

How do you determine how much body in coffee?

Beans, roast levels and brew styles can all give a cup of coffee more or less body. To determine how much body a lot of coffee itself has, apart from the other factors, cuppers taste coffee at a light roast level and using a specific cupping method.

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