What is Boba and why is it so popular?

Well… let us explain! Boba or bubble tea is a tea based drink that is typically consumed with friends for a quick fix to your sweet cravings. Boba first originated from Taiwan specifically in Tainan and Taichung in the 1980s. Although boba came from Asia it quickly became popular amongst English speaking countries.

What makes Boba so good?

“Boba should be smooth and slightly soft on the outside, chewy all the way through to the center with an increasing but very slight gradient of firmness, and should withstand at least one to two chews before structurally collapsing, i.e. it should be supple yet resilient.”

Why is Boba bad for You?

The Pykes’ key goal is to profit immensely from a drug called spice, apparently imported at great expense from the Dune books and movies. Boba eventually decides to object to spice, again for reasons he doesn’t articulate, and that clearly aren’t personal or passionate.

Why is Boba so popular?

chug ituse a spoondrink it like a normal drinkput it into a dehydrator until its crispy, and eat the dehydrated bubble tea like chipsput it into a dehydrator, let it get crispy, crush it up, and insufflate itboof ittake it out of whatever it comes in, put it into a glass, and drink itput it into a humidifier and breathe it inuse a forkMore items…