What is a thick espresso?

Such a thick espresso has specific characteristics: The crema, that’s the layer of foam on top of your espresso. The full-body refers to how heavy and rich the coffee tastes in your mouth, typically giving it a bold taste. The thickness refers to how much crema you get out of an espresso shot (the more crema, the thicker/heavier it will be).

How to make the perfect espresso?

How much ground coffee do I need to make an espresso?

And finally, when can happen is that you may need more or less than 7 gr of ground coffee per standard espresso shot. So try it out, see if 9 grams give you a better cup. Try 11. Try 5. Keep playing around with all of these elements, so you can get the exact density you want.

What does espresso taste like?

It’s basically coffee concentrate. In terms of flavor, an espresso shot will be able to pick up on almost all the notes in your particular coffee beans. The best flavor can be detected about half a minutes after the shot was pulled. This is because the body can be fooled by temperature variations, which may mask or highlight certain flavors.

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