What is a tea pet used for?

Although not limited to animals, tea pets are small clay figures used during gong fu cha for various purposes. Although tea masters mostly use them as decoration, some also have them for good luck.

What are the different types of tea pets?

These are most commonly pigs, toads, elephants, dragons, as well as certain Buddhist characters. There are also other purposes for these little statues. One of these include checking if the water is hot enough throughout the ceremony. For this purpose, the “pee-pee boy” is by far the most popular tea pet.

What does a peanut tea pet mean?

Having a tea pet in the form of peanuts does not only represent fertility but is also a unique form of art that is interesting to look at. This tea pet is not as popular as the before-mentioned ones but is quite artistic in its nature.

What is a pig tea pet?

For example, in Chinese culture a pig represents good luck and happiness in life and you’ll notice there are a variety of pig tea pets available. My first ever tea pet was this meditating Buddha that was successfully found at ZhenTea’s booth at the 2015 Toronto Tea Festival. It’s the perfect example of a tea pet that is purely aesthetic.