What is a Handpresso espresso machine?

Founded in 2006, Handpresso became the first company to produce and release a portable espresso machine. Handpresso also offers a model that plugs into your car and a Nespresso-compatible version. The company delivers to 120 countries all around the world and sells accessories and coffee pods through its website. Here’s the fun part.

Can you use the Handpresso to make lungo shots?

Does the Handpresso produce strong Crema?

The Handpresso did not produce strong crema, but there was a little. The Handpresso did produce a shot with wonderful body and acidity, deep color, flavor, and an enticing aroma. Because the Handpresso’s capacity is small, you won’t be able to pull a lungo shot or multiple shots back-to-back.

How long is the warranty on a Handpresso espresso machine?

With a two-year warranty and the ability to use ground coffee or ESE pods, this easy-to-clean machine has earned a spot in our crowded coffee cupboards. Handpresso vs. Minipresso: Which Should You Buy?

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