What is a Freddo Espresso and how is it made?

While individual variations no doubt exist, a popular recipe for creating a Freddo espresso involves blending a hot double shot of espresso with ice and sugar in a drink mixer, creating a signature foam. The Freddo cappuccino follows the same process but is topped off with a layer of cold, textured, foamy milk. Both are served in a glass, over ice.

Can I use ice for my Freddo Espresso?

What is a Freddo?

The Freddo is said to have been created in the nineties and was served alongside a similar cold, instant coffee-based beverage, the Frappe. “The birth of Freddo in the mid-90s was a revolution and in a few years, it outgrew [the] Frappe.

What is a Freddo Cappuccino?

They started with the frappé in the 1950s, and they came up with the freddo cappuccino soon after. Then, in the early 90s, they created the espresso freddo — one of the most refreshing and sophisticated drinks around. One of the very first cold coffee is more complex than you think. Yes, it’s just espresso, but it’s more than that.

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