What is a cortado coffee?

In the realm of coffee, one of those exquisite pleasures is cortado. Invented in Spain to give a mild personality to the intense, newly discovered drink, the cortado makes for an intense but mellow drink. A 1:1 ratio between coffee and warm, slightly steamed milk is simply perfect, especially if a straight shot of espresso is too intense for you.

How to make a perfect espresso Cortado?

How to make a cortado?

One of the most frequent questions a barista is faced with is how to make a cortado. A cortado is an espresso-based drink topped with an equal amount of steamed milk. Its 1:1 espresso to milk ratio makes it a favorite amongst coffee aficionados, although it is not as well known as lattes or cappuccinos.

How much milk do you put in a cortado espresso?

Fill the portafilter, tamp the grounds, and pull a double shot of espresso. While the shot is being pulled, use a steam wand to make approximately 2 ounces of steamed milk. You want the amount of milk to be as close to 2 ounces as possible so that the ratio of milk to coffee in your cortado is one to one.

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